Innovative ICT Company
Innovative ICT Company

Retail, Enterprise and Public Sector

ABT Telecoms
ABT Connect
ABT Telecoms
Our aim is to revolutionise the digital space with our disruptive, innovative approach. 

Spurring the pulse on emerging technologies, ABT developed gradually from gadgetry gaming to a prolific telecoms and Internet Of Things (“IoT”) Level 1 BBBEE company

Offering a holistic approach to Unified Communications and Managed IT Solutions for retail, enterprise and public sector.

Today we have built a suite of services and products that are earmarked for enterprise and public  sector. These include:

UC (Unified Communications)
IoT(Internet of Things)
Broadband telephony
A responsive support with no down-string provider, and
VoIP reduces costs and simplifies mobility (work from anywhere)
Our PoPs are strategically located for low latency and cost.

ABT Connect

ABT designs networks that offer low-cost telecommunication services. Our Enterprise Unified Communications, Managed IT Solutions and IoT solutions are leveraged in Sub-Saharan Africa

We build telecommunications infrastructure, data centres and over overlay them with services such as OSS/BSS, NOCC and Telephony


CEO of ABT. Innovation Enthusiast. Designer of Innovation Spaces.
Chief disruptor.
Pan African Telecommunications Activator. 

Our Trusted Team
Lauren Green
​Legal Risk and Compliance Officer

Legal Risk and Compliance Officer. The lady Justice. Pillar of Compliance. 

Woman-In ICT Activist and Champion!
Katleho Molefe
​Training Head

Head of Training. Skills Development fundi. Captain in the making. Leader with no Title.
Thando Luthuli
​Solutions Architect

Solutions Architect at  ABT Telecoms. Agent of The Fixer. Mr “make it happen”. Leader of the Marcomms Pack. Branding and Marketing Mechanic.