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ABT Telecoms participated in an outstanding event, namely the 2022 Grade 12 Top Learner awarding Ceremony. The event was at the Gert Sibande District Municipality offices, where students received their awards.

ABT Telecoms received a Certificate of Appreciation from the Department of Education Mpumalanga. As an innovative company, we believe in giving back and helping the community as much as possible, so it was a venerable surprise to receive such recognition from the Department of Education Mpumalanga.  

On 31 January 2023, ABT Telecoms attended the Phagameng Township Top achievers’ ceremony at the Shangri-la Country Hotel, Modimolle. Over 20 learners received laptops from ABT Telecoms to assist them with their tertiary career paths. The Deputy Minister of Higher Education Science and Innovation gave the former Matric learners advice.He said, “Dedicate your first two weeks to familiarize yourself with the campus environment. Make sure you know where the essential services are located on campus so that when you need help, you know exactly where to go” ~ Mr Buti Manamela.


ABT Corporate Social Initiatives

 ABT Telecoms takes centre stage   at Career   Expo, inspiring the   next generation of  telecom   professionals.

 On June 16 and 17, 2023, ABT   Telecoms, a   pioneering   telecommunications company,   recently participated in the   prestigious Career   Expo hosted   by the Department of Higher   Education and Training and the   Mangaung   Municipality at   Bloemfontein. 

 The event, held on Youth Day,   aimed   to provide invaluable   employment   opportunities and   career path to youth. The   organisation seized this special     occasion to   connect with and   inspire the youth, guiding   them   toward making informed   career choices   in the rapidly   evolving world of   telecommunications choices in   the rapidly evolving world of   telecommunications.


 ABT Telecoms team spent   Mandela Day in the   province of   Mpumalanga as we join hands in   Dr. JS Moroka Local Municipality   in Mpumalanga, to repair   portholes   and create safer   roads. 

 Residents of Dr JS Moroka Local   Municipality   has been pleading   with the Municipality to   repair   portholes, we saw the need as   the   company to go and help   them by also   providing them   with our branded water and t-


 ABT Telecoms celebrated Women’s   Day on the  8th of August 2023:   with having a high tea party for the   women in the office in unfolding   uncomfortable conversion in the   workspace  we're proud   to   continue honoring   Women's Day   by recognizing the   remarkable   women who inspire us   all. Here's   to the trailblazers,   leaders, and   change-makers   shaping a better   tomorrow

 Ms. V ignites our spirits as she also   shared her journey of resilience   and success. Her words resonate,   reminding us that every step   forward enriches our collective   strength.

 Breast cancer awareness 19th Oct   2023: In   support of Breast Cancer   Awareness, ABT  Telecoms hosted   its annual Cancer Awareness   Campaign at Tsomoma Old age   home  on 31st October  2023.   The campaign focused on Sharing   knowledge, support, and hope   with   our elders reminds us of the   strength that binds us together.   Let's keep the conversation going   all year round

Corporate Social Innitiatives

This day allowed us to know each other better,   maintain and build relationships while making   our office a fun and harmonious environment.   We hosted two sports games for females and   males (Soccer and Netball).

Having this day contributed into our health and   well-being, while promoting a healthy lifestyle.   This was also a fantastic way to welcome new   team members in a relaxed environment, gave   everyone a chance to break down corporate   barriers and let individual personalities shine..


ABT Telecoms celebrated their second annual   Africa Day on the 25th of May 2022. The   purpose of the day was to celebrate African   unity, diversity, and success. The ABT Telecoms   team had an opportunity to reflect on the   progress made by African Union. We celebrated   this day in the office wearing our African attire   and cooking variety of African food from   different  tribes. Also dance and music was in   line with the 2022 theme.

Public Relations

ABT Article

ABT a victim of professional jealousy

Robert Muleleki

ABT Telecoms has found itself besieged in the media following the awarding of numerous tenders to the company.

All of this started with the contract in Mpumalanga, where numerous articles were written by the City Press insinuating we were not deserving of the contract and that we were paid for not doing anything and that we were responsible for a government blackout.

Because of the contract, we were dragged to court by the previous company that held the contract. The company switched off its services, and numerous government sites, including hospitals, clinics, and police stations, were left without telecoms services.

This was while the company refused to hand over government numbers to us after their services were terminated. All of this was while we were involved in litigation with the company, as mentioned above.

It is important to note that ABT Telecoms submits proposals to both the private and public sectors in the normal course of doing business. ABT Telecoms conducts its business above board to solve societal problems, drive innovation, and achieve commercial success.

The refusal to do a handover severely impacted the services provided to the Mpumalanga Government as our client. The government and ABT Telecoms instituted legal proceedings against Kwa-Mahlaba Connect to force the latter to hand over telephone numbers to enable ABT to provide telecommunications services.

ABT Telecoms CEO Mr Thula Nkumane said the company managed the numbers, which have been gazetted to the provincial government by the Independent Communications Authority of South Africa (ICASA), through a third-party reseller.

“By withholding the numbers and refusing to hand them over fully to ABT Telecoms, Kwa-Mahlaba Connect deprived over 15,000 civil servants in Mpumalanga access to telecommunications services. Their unfortunate actions had a spillover effect on millions of Mpumalanga residents who could not access critical public sector and emergency services. In a bid to speed up services delivery in the face of shameless and blatant sabotage by Kwa-Mahlaba Connect, ABT Telecoms purchased a tranche of 087 numbers to provide telecommunications services to civil servants while the porting of the numbers was still a subject of a court process,” Mr Nkumane said.

That decision was indicative of ABT Telecoms’s commitment to ensuring business continuity. The court rulings that followed the protracted legal battles in favour of ABT Telecoms have vindicated the company and cleared its name in the public domain following the false reporting that City Press undertook in its one-sided coverage of the matter.

It is worthwhile to realise what the court dealings have also uncovered. The company in question, which has served as a telecommunications service provider to the province for the last 18 years, cannot carry out the court order because it does not have the ICASA license required to port the numbers to ABT Telecoms.

Despite this revelation, the media, City Press, has never corrected its reportage and carried a story that the company that has been in business with the state has never had the capacity required to carry out its contract. Mr Nkumane added that it was disheartening and worrisome that such a reputable institution like the City Press would pick a side and not report fairly and in a balanced manner.

“ABT Telecoms has built telecoms infrastructure for Mpumalanga without a glitch. Over and above this contract, ABT has built telecommunications infrastructure in the Free State and KZN, thus rendering the argument around capacity moot.” said Mr Nkumane.

ABT Telecoms has also built a multiprotocol label switching (MPLS) network that connects government buildings in Mpumalanga. The MPLS network connects to the LAN that was re-engineered in less than three months and has enabled more than 7,000 civil servants to make voice calls through the 087 number.

ABT Response to the CityPress Article

On 10 Jan 2021, the CityPress published an article about ABT telecoms.  ABT has formally responded to the article
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