Innovative ICT Company
Innovative ICT Company
  • ABT Telecommunications Services


ABT is a company that builds and maintains Pan African broadband and telecommunications infrastructure. The company services Provincial Governments and provides unified communications to government departments (UC).

Unified Communications

Digital transformation is leading a wave of converged communication, cutting edge connectivity and unwavering desire of efficiency


We are a certified provider of on-premise and cloud routed calls. We are driven by client demand of low cost calls and leveraged connectivity

Networking and Infrastructure

The arterial make-up of broadband is the network and telecoms infrastructure. We provide Infrastructure-As-A-Service (IAAS) culling all client costs


ICT infrastructure is the bedrock of our daily digital use. Our Network Operating and Control Centre monitors data flows and management. This is the guarantor of 99.99% of uptime


We are a certified training provider in the ICT Sector. With a competitive edge of merging theory with practical training 

Managed I.T 

Focusing on core-business is imperative for Global Enterprises  and  SMMEs. The function of outsourcing heavy lifting of Managed I.T rests on our solutions.

Data analytics & reporting

ABT’s Business Intelligence (BI) enables the collection of data across enterprises and processes information for obtaining operational efficiency and achieving organisational strategic objectives  

Managed communications

Our managed communication services ensure all enterprise clients enjoy the full value chain of technological vertical integration. We provide connectivity, IP Telephony, Soft-phones and curated software, with requisite integration.

Cloud computing

The age-old idea of owning every piece of technological hardware is expensive and cumbersome operational core of enterprises. ABT has an array of OEM partners and a data centre to alleviate operational costs and organizational effort.

Electronic data management

Powered by our Tier 3+ Data Centre. ABT manages data, information and server racks of organisations that are large and small. The operational efficiency and institutional memory of an enterprise resides in it EDM.